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BLUES DIRT WORKS is located at Lake Palo Pinto, TX. BDW's is dedicated to helping customers improve their property. Our specialization is LAND DEVELOPMENT through EXCAVATION.

BDW specializes in building PONDS. We can start from scratch or clean out and make bigger an existing pond.

This was a pond BDWs did AUGUST 2021.
The customer wanted his very own ISLAND. Notice the dino under the tree 🌴
Who wants their own custom pond or existing pond cleaned out! 🙋 🙋‍♂️
Copyright Photo: Dwayne "BLUE"

Another service we provide our customers is LOT CLEARING which allows a better view of the beautiful surrounding land. BDW's can trim up the trees so that you can see all around them. We can remove unwanted trees by the root and clear out the underbrush. BDW's can provide you with a ROAD into your property and CULVERT INSTALLATION. If you are building a house, we can prepare the lot, build your HOUSE PAD, provide DRAINAGE and HAUL OFF unwanted debris with our FINAL GRADE. If you prefer a no worries "NATURAL LANDSCAPED" yard, we can take care of that for you as well. We build NATURAL ROCK RETAINING WALLS, ROCK SIDEWALKS, natural rock ENTRYWAYS, FIREPITS, MOUNDS and much more. BDW's has a 12 yard dump truck and a 24 yard end dump which can haul you ROAD BASE, FILL DIRT and/or TOP SOIL.

Please feel free to visit the links and take a look at some of the work we have done. We have filled the site with many pictures.

Copyright Photo: Dwayne "BLUE"

BLUES DIRT WORKS is a FATHER, SON (equipment operators) and WIFE (office manager) family owned and operated business with more than 30 years experience. Our territory mainly includes Palo Pinto county and touching counties in the great state of Texas. Why call outside sources and pay the high cost of travel when you can support a locally owned business? BDW's has local connections and supports our community!

BLUES DIRT WORKS also covers the following TX towns and counties:
Lake Palo Pinto Area
Lone Camp
Mineral Wells Area
7R Ranch Subdivision
Palo Pinto County
Erath County
Eastland County

Blues Dirt Works
291 Armadillo Lane
Gordon, TX 76453
Office: 940/769-2609
Cell: 940/328-2499

BDW accepts Paypal (3% service fee added), Venmo, Facebook Pay, Checks and Cash

Copyright Photo: Dwayne "BLUE"

Copyright Photo: Curtis Blue

Below is a really cool feature Facebook offered years ago then deleted the tool. I was lucky enough to have already installed it on our web site. It is a link directly to BLUES DIRT WORKS Facebook business page. You can scroll down it right here to see what we have been up to, etc....ENJOY!


Pic 1 of 3: Here BLUE put in a road down the side of a mountain at Lake Palo Pinto to a customers lake lot.
He is showing us the rock he dug up which is as big as the DOZER sitting next to it!
Copyright Photo: Dwayne "BLUE"

Pic 2 of 3: Here BLUE put in a road down the side of a mountain at Lake Palo Pinto to a customers lake lot.
He is showing us the road before covering it with road base.
Copyright Photo: Dwayne "BLUE"

Pic 3 of 3: Here BLUE put in a road down the side of a mountain at Lake Palo Pinto to a customers lake lot.
He is in the DOZER when he took this photo of the road as he is spreading the road base.
Copyright Photo: Dwayne "BLUE"

Below is a banner to my wife's candle business. Her candles are hand poured at our Lake Palo Pinto, TX location and shipped all across the USA. Next, is a banner to our family horse ranch.

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